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Carl McCabe

More features for invitee management

Currently there is no way to re-send invites if invitees have not yet accepted their invites.  The only way to do it is to delete the original invitee and re-send them an initial invite -- this can be a big hassle if a group has a large number of members.  An option for "Re-send Invites (to people who have not yet accepted their invites)" would be very helpful.

Also, the Members page currently has a list of names for Members, Managers, Pending, and Invitees.  But the Invitee list contains both those who have accepted and those who have not.  There is no list of Unaccepted Invitees, other than to compare the Members list with the Invitee list and figure out the difference.  An Unaccepted Invitee list would be very helpful.

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