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Tulika Singh

New Comments on Top

Hi - Our group hosts office hours such that our workshop participants can access NCI faculty prior to the workshops. These are well-defined time periods when people post a lot of comments. As it is the discussion thread does not update on its own and so members have to keep hitting refresh. Also when the comment number exceeds the display number on the page, members must hit refresh, scroll all the way down, and then click next page. While an everyday hub user may not mind this our members may be less computer/hub-savvy and also face slower internet connection. Our make-shift solution has been to keep our emails open on the side but I think this platform should be able to proficiently handle the refresh and accessibility to comments. So my wishes are to have

1) settings that enable me to activate auto-refresh on a discussion thread, or have that always be enabled

2) Have new comments on top (below the introductory sticky comment), such that members can easily access what is going on right now, and post new comments on top. I realize this may not be beneficial for everybody, but having a setting that enables managers to activate this will be very helpful.



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  1. Tulika Singh

    Or even displaying the 25 most recent comments, or having a flexible display size, such that adjusting display number is not on the user.



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  2. Garrett Powers


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  3. Diana David

    When one is viewing your blog page, at the bottom will be a link to post a comment, if you have it approved. To see comments already posted, you also want to click that link. I'm wondering if it's a glitch with 360 at the moment, how? users are not capable to add more friends etc. Have seen a few questions/comments about it. essay writing help

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  4. annet grey

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  5. tovar linda

    Do you have the next seminar in the next time? I would love to participate in your workshop once. I regret having missed it once!  novel updates

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