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Pump Data

Created on 27 Mar 2017

Pump home All dataset is stored in .xls format. The excel worksheet has velocity magnitude data and the corresponding X/Y/Z coordinates for each 2D plane. TheĀ X/Y/Z coordinates should match with the CAD and CFD geometry coordinates. The PIV data is posted in the table below for the following six...

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Pump Citations

Created on 24 Mar 2017

Pump home‘ References Using the Pump data Others are building on this work. Here is a list of references by others using the Pump Model (that we are aware of as of 03/242017). If you have published or presented a study using this model (or know of one not listed below), please let us...

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pump acknowledgements

Created on 24 Mar 2017

Pump home Acknowledgements We wish to sincerely thank the following people for participating in Round Robin #2 (pump). The study could not have been done without their hard work. Santanu Chandra Trevor Orr Mark Goodin Lutz Pauli Emily Imdieke Matthew Pausley Hai Yu Michael Arney Ken Amano...

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