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How do I update a Database?

Change the Database File

  1. Navigate to  
  2. Click on the Project that contains the Database that needs updating.  
  3. Click on “Databases” underneath Assets on the left project menu.  
  4. Click the name of the .csv file being used by the database in the “Source File” column to download the file..  
  5. Open the file on your local machine using a spreadsheet application or text editor.  
  6. Make the changes to the file that are required and save, ensuring that the file name remains the same name as the original source file.  
  7. Navigate to “Files” underneath Assets on the left project menu.

  8. On the Files page within the project, click “Upload”.  
  9. Drag and drop the updated .csv file into the “click or drop file” box and click “Upload now!”  
  10. Alternately, click the “Click or drop file” box, select the file, click “Open” and then click “Upload now!”  
  11. The .csv file contained on the project files has been updated, but additional steps will need to be taken in order to update the database, as discussed in the next step.

Update the Database

  1. Within the project, click on “Databases” underneath Assets on the left project menu.

  2. Click “Update Database” next to the database that requires updates since changes have been made to its original .csv file.  
  3. Verify the columns shown are correct, especially if changes were made to the data and/or additional columns were added.  
  4. Also click “Edit” below the column label to change its column type as well as add optional information to the column (such as a column description).  
  5. Click “Next” when finished.  
  6. Provide a title and description (perhaps indicate an update was made) and click “Finish”.  

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