Hi all, following up on our successful meeting at Pathology Informatics last May, we thought it would be interesting and educational for our WG members to organize a series of webinars on WSI-related topics.  We kick-off this effort with a talk by Philips’ Prarthana Shrestha on WSI Image Quality.  See Title and Abstract below as well as login information. 

Please attend and bring any questions and comments so we can have a nice discussion following the presentation. 

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Hi all, this is just a gentle reminder about Monday's webinar.  Details below.  I hope you can attend.


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Title:      Quantifying image quality of Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) scanners

Abstract:  The quality of an image produced by the Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) scanners is of critical importance for using the image in clinical diagnosis. Therefore, it is very important to monitor and ensure the quality of images. Since subjective image quality…


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Agenda for Face-to-Face Meeting at Pathology Informatics, 1:30-5pm, Sunday, May 21, 2017

We have an exciting agenda for this years meeting at Pathology Informatics, see below. We hope you are planning to attend.

WebEx info is HERE

4th WSI Working Group OPEN MEETING
Feature studies comparing digital and microscope viewing modes:
a WSI working group project @ Pathology Informatics Summit 2017

1:30-5:00PM, May 21, 2017, Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown, King’s Garden 3

  • 1:30 PM (15 min, 15 min)
    • Welcome, Meeting Overview, eeDAP Demo
      Brandon D. Gallas, PhD

      FDA/CDRH/OSEL/Division of Imaging, Diagnostics, Software Reliability
  • 1:45 PM (15 min, 30 min)
    • Overview of FDA’s Medical Device Development Tool (MDDT) program
      Marios A. Gavrielides, PhD
      FDA/CDRH/OSEL/Division of Imaging, Diagnostics, Software Reliability
  • 2:00 PM (20 min, 50 min)
    • eeDAP Registration Accuracy Evaluation
      Qi Gong, MS

      FDA/CDRH/OSEL/Division of Imaging, Diagnostics, Software Reliability
  • 2:20 PM (40 min, 90 min)
    • Summary of Philips 510k Technical Performance Methods and Results
      Prarthana Shrestha,  PhD

      Philips, Department of Healthcare Applications
  • 3:00 PM (20 min, 110 min)
    • Development of a novel quality assessment tool for digital microscopy
      Emily L. Clarke, MD

      University of Leeds and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Leeds, UK
  • 3:20 PM (20 min, 130 min)
    • Break, hands-on demos with eeDAP
  • 3:40 PM, (15 minutes, 145 min)
    • Image Quality Tool
      Prarthana Shrestha,  PhD
      Philips, Department of Healthcare Applications
  • 3:55 PM, (45 minutes, 190 min)
    • Mitotic counting studies: Results using a clinical-protocol and plans for eeDAP version
      Stephen M. Hewitt, MD, PhD

      Laboratory of Pathology, CCR, NCI, NIH
      Brandon D. Gallas, PhD
      Division of Imaging, Diagnostics, and Software Reliability, OSEL, CDRH, FDA
  • 4:40 PM (20 min, 210 min)
    • Closing discussion
    • MDDT next steps. Meeting with FDA. Bring questions. We want to change “Context of Use”. No reader study data. Technical assessment only.
    • Install eeDAP at MSKCC June 20-21. Other installations, pilot studies, etc?
    • Face-to-face meetings.

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