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Hi all, following up on our successful meeting at Pathology Informatics last May, we thought it would be interesting and educational for our WG members to organize a series of webinars on WSI-related topics.  We kick-off this effort with a talk by Philips’ Prarthana Shrestha on WSI Image Quality.  See Title and Abstract below as well as login information. 

Please attend and bring any questions and comments so we can have a nice discussion following the…




Hi all, this is just a gentle reminder about Monday's webinar.  Details below.  I hope you can attend.


Best regards,



Title:      Quantifying image quality of Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) scanners

Abstract:  The quality of an image produced by the Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) scanners is of critical importance for using the image in clinical diagnosis. Therefore, it is very important to monitor and ensure the…


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  • Created 01 Aug 2014

Files/presentations of the one day workshop at Barco, headquarters, Kortrijk, Belgium, 25th of April 2016

Industrial workshop on digital pathology: “Image quality in digital pathology from slide acquisition to visualization”

Direct links to the publications:


  • 8H45: Welcome and introduction
  • 9H00: Introduction session: the opinion of pathologists
    • Pr Illyas – University of Nottingham – Queen Medical Centre - UK
  • 9h30: Session: on Image Quality
    • 30’: Basics of display image quality  - Johanna Rousson – Barco – Belgium
    • 30’: Image Quality in Digital Pathology - Ana Jiménez– VISILAB - UCLM – Spain
  • 10h30: Coffee break & demos
  • 11H00: Session: QA through the chain – part 1
    • 30’: Scanner
      • How Whole Slide Images (WSI) are the first steps for a good Quality Workflow? – Quynh-Nhu Trinh-Xuan Kramer - Hamamatsu – France
    • 60’: Display
      • 30’: Color calibration and ICC profiles - Gert Van Hoey - Barco – Belgium
      • 30’: What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG): Is that enough?- Mark Clymer – Datacolor – via webex
  • 12h30: Lunch
  • 14H00: Session: QA through the chain – part 2
    • 60’: QA Image analysis:
      • 30’: Image Quality from an Image Cytometry Point-of-View – Radu Rogojanu – TissueGnostics – Austria
      • 30’: Image Quality from an open source platform – Raphaël Marée – Cytomine – Belgium
    • 30’: Solving current issues
      • Implementation of DICOM 145 supplement on whole slides images - David de Mena García  - Hospital de Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz - Spain
  • 15H30: Coffee break & demos
  • 16H00: Session: on clinical and perceptual evaluation studies
    • 60’: Display
      • 30’: Influence of study design in psycho-visual image quality evaluation: Why a specific clinical task? - Ljiljana Platiša – Gent University - IPI/Telin department – Belgium
      • 30’: Influence of display parameters on digital pathology systems - Cédric Marchessoux – Barco – Belgium
  • 17H00: end

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