Hi all, following up on our successful meeting at Pathology Informatics last May, we thought it would be interesting and educational for our WG members to organize a series of webinars on WSI-related topics.  We kick-off this effort with a talk by Philips’ Prarthana Shrestha on WSI Image Quality.  See Title and Abstract below as well as login information. 

Please attend and bring any questions and comments so we can have a nice discussion following the presentation. 

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Hi all, this is just a gentle reminder about Monday's webinar.  Details below.  I hope you can attend.


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Title:      Quantifying image quality of Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) scanners

Abstract:  The quality of an image produced by the Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) scanners is of critical importance for using the image in clinical diagnosis. Therefore, it is very important to monitor and ensure the quality of images. Since subjective image quality…


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About the Group

Public Description

Welcome to our open access working group.
Please refer to the BLOG for past group communications.
In order to join, first create an account at https://nciphub.org/
Then visit our group page and https://nciphub.org/groups/wsi_working_group and join (request to join button at the top of the left toolbar).
You might also want to check out a project subgroup: eedapstudies

Previous meetings/events:

Basic Group Description: We propose a working group of stakeholders (industry, clinicians, academia, and government) interested in advancing the evaluation of WSI.  An overarching goal of the working group is to properly characterize WSI with systematic technical measurements and validation studies that would allow the clinical utility of digital pathology to be maximized.  The short-term objectives of the working group are:

  • To form a group of interested parties
  • To lay out the key technical performance metrics for WSI: gather information on the current state of the science, identify gaps in knowledge and unmet needs, and identify circumstances in which technical performance has been linked to diagnostic performance.
  • To raise awareness of the issues among pathologist users, vendors, regulators, and research and healthcare funding agencies

The long-term objectives are to facilitate and promote research in this area aiming to:

  • Develop, standardize, and explore the range of technical performance metrics in WSI
  • Design and execute experiments investigating pathologist performance as a function of image quality
  • Create and disseminate methods, tools, and examples for evaluating technical and diagnostic performance (phantoms, shared sets of slides, WSI images, protocols, study designs, analysis methods and source code)

These objectives will be further refined based on feedback and the expertise of the working group participants. We expect that the contributions of this group will make it easier for investigators to answer the key questions related to the validation of digital pathology and its adoption into clinical practice.

We invite you to join this working group, and we ask that you share this invitation to motivated and interested groups and individuals.

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