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Events List

  1. Nano WG: Dr. Iseult Lynch (University of Birmingham, UK)

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  2. Nano WG: NCI Cancer Research Data Commons (Tanja Davidsen)


  3. Nano WG: CEINT NanoInformatics Knowledge Commons & NanoPHEAT - Yuan Tian, Nathan Bossa –

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  4. Nano WG: Cancelled (Conflict with the ITCR Annual Meeting)

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  5. Nano WG: cancelled

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  6. Nano WG: NCI Cancer Research Data Commons (Tanja Davidsen)


  7. Nano WG: NanoHub (Nathan Denny, Purdue University)

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  8. SOT 2019 and Innovate Nanomedicine 2019 session planning

    - SOT Workshop/Symposia Agenda Discussion. - Innovate Nanomedicine 2019 Nanoinformatics session/track discussion. http://www.nano-innovate.com WebEx https://goo.gl/yRaSEo Meeting password: Technology1!

  9. Nano WG: Nano.nature.com (Prathik Roy, Springer Nature)

    Nano.nature.com known as Nano is a non-journal type product under the Nature Research portfolio. It aims to provide highly indexed and structured information related to nanomaterials derived from peer-reviewed journals. These include composition, synthesis, properties, characterization methods and application information. This talk will illustrate how Nano can aid nanotechnology research communities to obtain fast and precise insight into the wealth of nanotechnology based scholarly...

  10. Nano WG: Christine Hendren

    Dr. Christine Hendren (Duke University) will be giving a presentation “Nanoinformatics and the nanoEHS Community: Strategies for Sharing and Convergence”.

  11. NCIP NanoWG INMC collaboration

    NCIP NanoWG INMC collaboration session agenda : - Potential Debate and Discussion Topics (Possible topics below) o Challenges and Opportunities for NanoInformatics in the Clinical Pipeline? o Challenges and Opportunities to Reduce the Division Between Medical Toxicology (efficacy) and Environmental Toxicology that Will Lead to Creating More Cross-Pollination?   - Methods to Integrate the Collection of Data that can be Combined and Shared During each of the Program Tracks. - Program...

  12. Nano G: OpenRiskNet project

    Thomas Exner, Barry Hardy

  13. Nano WG: Nanoinformatics Roadmap and Modeling, Fred Klaessig

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  14. Cancelled

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  15. Nano WG: Nanoinformatics in the future: Five easy pieces (John Rumble)

    Brief abstract: What can we learn from past scientific data work? The answer in Five easy pieces. Data quality; Data capture; Data integration; Data exploitation; Data realism

  16. Nano WG: Pilot Integration Example: CEINT NIKC / NanoFASE / SERENADE

    Camille se Gardel, Europôle Méditerranéen de l'Arbois Jaleesa Amos, Duke University Tassos Papadiamantis, NanoFASE

  17. Nano WG: NCIP Hub Overview and Discussion on updates supporting Nano WG

    Geneva Flanagan Benedict & Mervi Heiskanen

  18. Nano WG: Paula Jantunen, NANoREG Toolbox

    Presentation by Paula Jantunen, European Comission, JRC, Ispra, Italy: The NaNoREG Toolbox for the safety assessment of nanomaterials

  19. Nano WG: Holiday Break

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  20. Nano WG: Holiday Break

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