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Training and Outreach WG Teleconferences

December 13, 2018: Google Doc

  • Discussion about potential for another ITCR tool special issue for JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics

November 8, 2018: Google Doc Download

  • Continuation of discussion about IT security implications for software. What can the group do or can the NCI do to help address the challenges.

October, 11, 2018: Google Doc Download

  • Roundtable discussion: Security implications for open source software

September 13, 2018: Google Doc Download

  • Roundtable Discussion: How do you support training and outreach, and who in your group does it? What is their background? How are you measuring the effectiveness of your approaches?

August 9, 2018: Google Doc Download

  • New ITCR TOW WG Chair, David Hanauer, University of Michigan: ITCR TOW survey results, future plans discussion. Slides (David Hanauer)

April 12, 2018: Google Doc Download

  • How to increase your rankings in google search results for your bioinformatics tool and how to use targeted social media advertising. 
  • Slides (Lakshmi Grama)

March 8, 2018: Google Doc Download

  • Round table discussion: how to find and support collaborators?

February 8, 2018: Google Doc Download

  • Software Carpentry is a worldwide organization that teaches  researchers computing and data skills they need to get more done in less time and with less pain.  
  • Slides (Jonah Duckles)

January 11, 2018: Google Doc Download

  • AACR and ISMB Session planning

December 14, 2017: Google Doc Download

  • Round Table Discussion - How to Get, Keep and Manage Outside Contributors to Your Code Base.

November 9, 2017: Google Doc Download

  • What makes a good, successful workshop? Experiences from the Bioinformatics Training and Education Program (BTEP) that aims to educate scientists at NCI and NIH on understanding the fundamentals of data analysis and incorporating best practices when using bioinformatics approaches for analyzing their research data.
  • Slides (Anand Merchant)

October 12, 2017: Google Doc  Download

  • Istvan Albert, Professor of Bioinformatics at Penn State,  founder of Biostar Genomics LLC and lead developer of BioStars will discuss the BioStars platform for questions/answers/information on bioinformatics tools and analysis including tips for tool developers on supporting and promoting tools on the BioStars platform.

September 14, 2017: Google Doc Download

July 13, 2017: Google Doc Download

  • Measuring software technology impact
  • Slides (Daniel Katz)

June 8, 2017: Google Doc Download

  • Planning of the WG activities based on the F2F discussions

May 11, 2017: Google Doc Download

  • Discuss agenda for the face to face discussion at the ITCR annual meeting

April 13, 2017: Google Doc Download

  • Project Week as a community builder for National Alliance for Medical Image Computing
  • Slides (Tina Kapur)

March 9, 2017: Google Doc Download

February 9, 2017: Google Doc Download

  • Discussion of experimental outreach tools: GitBook, Biostars

January 12, 2017: Google Doc Download

December 8, 2016: Google Doc Download

  • Experience with MOOC platforms

November 17, 2016: Google Doc  Download

October 13, 2016: Google Doc Download

  • Survey of social platform utilization Link 
  • Survey of outreach mechanisms in ITCR technology development Link

September 8, 2016: Google Doc Download

  • Google Hangouts "On Air" as a platform for user support

June 9, 2016: Google Doc Download

  • Discussion on the ITCR Special Issue and ITCR Annual Meeting preparation

May 12, 2016: Google Doc Download

  • Discussion of the group activities planned for the next year: identify key communities, meetings, catalog best practices. 

March 10, 2016: Google Doc Download

  • ITCR Special Issue Planning

January 14, 2016: Google Doc Download

  • ITCR Fact Sheet review and web site updates

December 10, 2015: Google Doc  Download

  • CI4CC ITCR program discussion, progress on social media survey

November 12, 2015: Google Doc Download

  • CI4CC ITCR program discussion

September 10, 2015: Google Doc Download

  • Social media survey, ITCR Twitter hashtag #nciitcr

August 13, 2015: Google Doc Download

  • Tools list and CI4CC debrief

April 9, 2015: Google Doc Download

  • Guidelines for posting videos on the NCIP Hub
  • Discussion on how to best connect with the CI4CC community

February 25, 2015: Google Doc Download

  • Youtube channel options and effective use of social media discussions

January 8, 2015: Google Doc Download

December 11, 2014: Google Doc Download

  • Discussion on  creating Youtube videos, useful links

November 13, 2014: Google Doc Download

  • NCIP Hub demonstration

October 14, 2014: Google Doc Download

  • Short presentations: approaches for user training, and outreach? Lessons learned? Where could your group/software benefit from centralized resources/approaches?

September 16, 2014: Google Doc Download

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