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  • Workshop Booklet September 29, 2017 — in Publications

    Speaker abstracts, participant biographies, and participant research statements.

  • ISA-TAB-Nano-Expanded: Community-Sourced Updated Templates September 22, 2017 — in Presentations

    Nano WG Presentation September 21, 2017 by Nancy Birkner, Duke University. ISA-TAB-Nano extension project with added support for environmental, health and safety assessment of nanomaterials. Center…

  • Dissolution as a Paradigm in Regulating Nanomaterials August 16, 2017 — in Presentations

    Nano WG presentation, August 10, 2017 Themes: • Dissolution as a decision criterion • Analogies to ζ-potential & VSSA • Relation to nanoform & nanoscale form • Diss…

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I use NCIP Hub daily to manage NCIP Nanotechnology Working Group (Nano WG) activities. NCIP Hub is easy to use and allows everyone to keep up to date and contribute to the multitude of projects going on in the Nano WG. Ability to connect to Google Docs is great for collaborative writing!

Mervi Heiskanen Mervi Heiskanen National Cancer Institute

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